We started Best Dog Dads due to our strong passion for being dog owners.  While the site is written from a male’s perspective, we’re hoping to add dog Mom’s in the future as well!

Our goal is to provide insightful commentary on caring for your dogs as well as offer in depth product reviews that talk about anything we buy our furry friends.

We do accept guest submissions that educate people on how to best care for their dogs, so if you have tips, tricks, or suggestions, please contact us.

Meet Our Team

tim schmidt floridaTim is a Florida-based Entrepreneur, Author, and most importantly, Dog Dad to Snoop and Cookie.  When his son wanted a dog at age four, he promised to be a responsible young boy and help take care of the dog.  For Christmas that year, he got “Snoop,” a sweet Morkie puppy who loves everyone he comes in contact with.  After one short year of showing responsibility with Snoop, his Mom decided to add a sister to the mix and along came “Cookie,” who is named after the white frosting on cookies.  A fierce, controlling, yet highly lovable Maltipoo, Cookie quickly took over the house and showed everyone who needed attention.

Years later, after realizing the lack of websites addressing the many needs of dogs, Tim decided to put the Entrepreneurial spirit to work and provide people with a place that could be a solid resource for dog lovers.

Snoop and Cookie

The best of friends, these two dogs are inseparable.

Snoop and Cookie
Sometimes they share a bed, other times they need time apart.
dogs in a car
They love car rides!
snoop begging
Snoop definitely isn’t afraid to beg….
cookie helping herself
Meanwhile Cookie just helps herself to what she wants.
dogs being groomed
They always look great when they are groomed….
Cookie Dirty
But usually Cookie has no problem getting herself dirty again and totally ruining it!


Cookie Dog
Cookie will always be “Daddy’s Girl.”
Snoop Dogg
While Snoop will always be a spoiled little gentlemen.


Tim Schmidt


Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.