Dog Foods

Dog foods come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price points! While it can be extremely difficult to find which dog food is best for your dog, we’ve tried to dumb it down for you in hopes of connecting Dog Dads with food that not only their dogs will love, but also with food that is healthy for their dogs!

Which Dog Food is the Best for Overall Health?

In our experience, there is no brand quite like Hungry Bark.

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The dog is a favorite pet to many people who like their friendly disposition. Dog enthusiasts want the best for their pets including proper nutrition, to keep them healthy. A dog that is fed well does not get enticed by baits that otherwise a stranger may use to trespass. It is necessary to explore the features of different brands that manufacture dog food in the market. Assessing the needs of a particular dog one intends to feed is necessary to meet its nutritional requirements.

There are various dog food brands in the market; choosing the food to buy for a dog should also involve checking who the manufacturer is. The company should be one that takes the manufacturing process seriously and produces food that will keep dogs healthy and safe.

Here is a comprehensive list of major dog food brands to consider when looking for the best dog food.

Best Dog Food for Natural Ingredients?

Blue Buffalo

It is one of the world’s leading dog food manufacturers. For pet parents, it is a great brand that contributes to the development of puppies and the healthy lives of grown dogs. This brand has grown to a household name because they produce the best dog food in the market.

However, one of their greatest strengths is being able to produce a variety for the market. They ensure there is a special diet for puppies and dogs growing at different ages. All their types are nutritious and contribute to the growth of the dogs.

Also, the dog food produced by this brand varies in many ways. For example, there are dry and canned variations that make it easy for pet parents to choose the best. Also, the other options depend on breed size, and that also ensures that pet owners can find the right food for their dogs.

Blue Buffalo ensures that there are only natural ingredients in the dog food they produce. That is for both dry and canned foods. Also, they provide a detailed explanation of the benefits of every component. That helps buyers to decide on the best diet for their dogs.

Also, this brand values dogs very much, and that is why they ensure there is as much information as required about the food they sell. To make a better statement, they have a special diet for sick dogs. Therefore, customers can purchase food for dogs that do not have the appetite for other foods by this brand.

Blue Buffalo has managed to win the hearts of pet lovers because of these reasons. Thus, it is continually getting ranked top among commercial brands despite being a family-owned brand. Their dog food meets all the standards for the manufacture of dog food.

Key features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Variety of food
  • Information about their dog food

Best Dog Food for Different Ages

Taste of the Wild

When it comes to buying budget-friendly food, it is always essential to tread carefully. Most of what is out there for a budget is nothing but grain fillers for dog food. That is not a proper diet for puppies or dogs of any age or breed. Therefore, dog owners usually exercise a lot of care when buying food for their dogs.

However, that is different when it comes to buying from the taste of the wild. This family company has specialized in manufacturing top quality dog food for the global market. The best thing about it is that it uses high-quality ingredients but sells the food affordably to pet owners.

The main ingredients in this brand’s dog food are proteins. However, various variations of the meals make it a vast selection that gives dog owners choices to make. Both the wet and dry dog foods by this brand come with several types of animal proteins.

For instance, buyers can find ingredients such as bison and trout, rare among dog foods. Also, these variations will be available in chicken options. However, their main elements will be any other dog food variation by this brand; fish, meat, or poultry.

Also, it is worth noting that this brand produces foods for dogs of different ages. Pet parents can choose dog food depending on their dog’s age. Besides, there are options for sick dogs, those with allergies, and pregnant or nursing dogs.

The best thing about buying from this brand is that their safety standards are high, and therefore their food is right for every dog’s stomach. It goes through rigorous testing that makes the food safe for dogs. Also, there are no added preservatives and flavors that may bring any side effects.

Key features

  • It uses a grain-free formula
  • High safety standards
  • Food for different pet ages

Best Grain Free Dog Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food

Wellness pet food is another brand that believes pet food should be as healthy as human food is. Therefore, they ensure that they consider the highest safety protocols while manufacturing dog food. Their philosophy aims at providing they promote healthy living in pets, especially dogs.

Therefore, they ensure that dog foods have food that is free from any fillers and meets the standards set for the industry. That way, dog owners have developed a sense of confidence in what this brand produces and sells to the market.

The company ensures that there are only natural ingredients in manufacturing dog food to give pet parents the best. The brand also uses real meat and animal proteins as the primary ingredients in their dog food. That ensures they stay at par with what is recommendable for dogs.

Also, they ensure that dog owners can find varieties of foods for their pets. That they do by making sure variations are depending on the dog’s age and breed. Therefore, pet owners cannot miss a perfect meal for their dogs.

On varieties, there are special diets included for sick dogs. Also, that includes dogs that are nursing or those that are still pregnant. The special foods also contain unique ingredients that have nutrients that are suitable for the dogs they make them for in boosting immunity and body development.

What has made this company edge out their competitors is their ability to produce food for the global market. As a family-owned company, edging competitors in this industry is not easy. Therefore, they have ensured that their clients find what they need for their dogs.

Key features

  • Grain-free formulations
  • Has proteins as primary ingredients
  • Variations for different dogs
  • The foods are easily digestible

Best for Safety

Purina Pro Plan

Purina is one of the oldest brands in the dog food manufacturing industry. Over the years, the brand has been producing top-quality dog food with two main aims; promoting sustainability and remaining the most innovative dog food producer and seller.

This brand’s products have a high quality attached to them and are the best for dogs of different kinds. Purina has made sure there are variations of their dog food to meet various demands. Therefore, customers can choose what best suits their dogs.

First, Purina has made sports food for dogs that engage in a lot of sports activities. This dog food contains nutrients that support the body development of dogs. Also, it builds their bodies to have the strength and endurance to chase when instructed.

Also, they have a variation for dogs that suffer from special conditions. These foods can be perfect for dogs suffering from diabetes, arthritis, or joint problems. Such dogs require some nutrients to boost their immunity and help in recovery. The ingredients in this variant will help to ensure that dogs get back to good health.

The next variation is the Pro Plan bright mind. It is a dog food variation that contains essential nutrients that support brain development. With this variation, puppies can grow incredibly and experience excellent brain development that makes them better pets.

The best thing about buying Purina products is that they contain proteins as the primary nutrients. Also, they do not contain any fillers that do not add value. Again, the brand has ensured the variants it sells meet the specific dog requirements they state. Therefore, it is better to purchase an option that meets the particular need you want to achieve.

Key features

  • Different variations for special needs
  • Safe and health-promoting products
  • Foods contain all nutrients required.

Best Balanced


It is one of the best brands for the production and distribution of biologically made food. Orijen is famous for producing dry foods both for cats and dogs. In this case, dog owners can find Orijen to be the best dog food brand if they need natural foods that support pet health.

According to the company, making biologically correct foods is the best pathway towards growing healthy puppies and promoting health in adult and senior dogs. Therefore, they focus on ensuring their food contains ingredients of things that dogs are supposed to eat.

Another thing that Orijen focuses on is the cleanliness and safety of their dog food. They do that by making sure that they source their ingredients locally. Also, they ensure that their meals pass through well-screened individuals until they reach customers.

Also, they ensure they balance every ingredient they use in making their food. That helps to ensure that the diet gets nutritionally balanced for the purpose that it should serve. Also, the brand includes fruits and vegetables in the formula to ensure an even better balance.

The company produces dog foods for dogs of different ages and sizes. Therefore, puppies have their variation, and there is another for senior dogs and adult dogs. Also, pet owners can buy foods for dogs that are on a diet. Ingredients for such meals contain nutrients that encourage weight loss.

Orijen is a prominent manufacturer that has grown to a household name in the dog food industry. They have the best variations of dog foods that every dog will end up enjoying. Also, these foods are best for even picky dogs that do not like some foods.

Key features

  • Biologically balanced foods
  • Safe and clean dog food
  • Locally sourced ingredients

Best Priced Dog Food

Pure Balance Dog Food

It is a unique brand that well fits people that want a high-end type of dog food at a pocket-friendly price. Unlike other dog food brands, fair balance ensures there is quality in the dog food they produce but still considers the customer. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about breaking their banks to feed their dogs with this highly nutritious food.

As the name suggests, this dog food brand ensures the right balance between animal fat and proteins. These two are the main ingredients that make their product. That provides the foods that are of a high quality that will support a healthy life in dogs.

Another great thing about these foods is that they contain real proteins. Their ingredients get naturally sourced, meaning that the products are healthy and ideal for dogs of all ages. Puppies, adults, and senior dogs can all feed on this filler-free food without significant problems.

Also, this dog food contains chicken as another significant ingredient. The brand cooks the meat to top quality standards by allowing the water to escape leaving the actual element only. Remember that chicken contains up to 73% of water. Therefore, they need to get rid of it before getting the vital ingredient.

There are dry peas that add on to the nutrients meant to give your proper dog development. Green peas contain carbohydrates, and including them in the dog meal is a great idea. It has helped pure balance brand gain popularity in the dog food industry.

The pure balance dog food is a dry food that provides excellent nutritional values that dogs require. There is a lot that the brand does to ensure there is balance in their ingredients. The diet has gotten highly recommended to pet owners. That is because of the incredible results it has produced in the past.

Key features

  • It produces a well-balanced type of food
  • It is affordable
  • The dog food contains natural ingredients.

Best in Technology

Hill’s Science Diet

As the name suggests, Hill’s science puts technology into the manufacturing of their products. There are several dog food nutritionists and veterinarians that take part in the production process to ensure that there is a high quality of dog food produced.

One of their dog food’s greatest strengths is that it can readily get accepted by picky dogs. Most dogs can tend to reject any foods that they get. But there has been no case of a dog refusing foods from this brand. It is the best choice that pet owners are using to solve food rejection by pets.

The brand also makes food for different kinds of dogs. For example, there are foods for different ages of dogs, such as puppies, adults, and seniors. Dogs require nutrition at every stage, and being able to provide a variety that will suit various ages is a real-time solution for pet parents.

Also, Hill’s science focuses on nutritional needs while coming up with dog foods. Some nutrients aim at putting a dog’s health at the forefront. This brand uses natural ingredients that make it easy for it to develop both mentally and physically.

Also, since the brand includes experienced veterinarians and nutritionists in the manufacturing process, they produce foods that help dogs with various needs. For instance, dogs may be suffering from diseases that may make them weak and unable to eat. These foods are rich in nutrients that encourage sick dogs to eat and grow healthier.

The dog foods by this brand differentiate in several ways. For example, there are dry foods that are of the best texture that dogs of all sizes can feel comfortable to eat. Also, there are wet dog foods that canned and kept safe to ensure that dogs enjoy.

Key features

  • Food for different dog sizes
  • Experienced nutritionists work with the brand
  • Well balanced nutritious foods

Best Natural Ingredients

Racheal Ray Nutrish

It is one of the biggest brands that pet owners feel proud to associate with among many brands. Nutrish produces top quality pet food, especially for dog owners. The company ensures that they provide pet food for all types of pets and all sizes of dogs specifically.

The best thing about their pet food is that it gets made from locally sourced ingredients. That means the pets can get high-quality nutrition that contributes to a healthy life. Also, they bring in together various components to make food for individual dogs. That may include sick, pregnant, or nursing dogs.

Although this pet food can be a little bit expensive than what is available in the market, it is worth buying. That is why products from this brand keep growing in popularity. Now the company is a household name for pet lovers.

For the full range of foods that this company manufactures, it uses proteins as the main ingredient. The proteins they use in making their animal products are also animal-sourced. That means dogs can get the highest quality of protein, the same as when hunting in the wild.

Also, pet owners love this brand because the ingredients are all-natural. There are no human-made ingredients that will have adverse effects on the pet’s health. That also means there are no filler ingredients that do not have any nutritional value in the food.

Another thing that makes pet parents buy from this brand is the pride it brings. The proceeds of the food that this brand sells goes into providing for pets in shelters. Most of these dogs in shelters are either abandoned or orphaned pets that have gotten rescued by people. Most people feel proud to support the course, which has led to the growth of this brand.

Key features

  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Protein filled diet
  • Food for all pet sizes and breeds

Best Protein Content


This pet food brand is one that specializes in making sure pets live a healthy and happy life. It manufactures dry foods out of premium quality ingredients sourced from nature. Therefore, dog food by this brand is made from real ingredients and not human-made ones.

The best thing about buying from this brand is that their pet food is available in varieties. There is pet food for dogs of various ages. The variations differ in nutritional value since the ingredients used depend on the need of the specific pet.

The main ingredients for dog food made by Canidae are either chicken or fish. Then, they add more ingredients to these to differentiate the foods for dogs at different stages. That ensures that there is an optimal nutritional value added to food for pets at various stages of development. Also, they provide that there is no questionable ingredient in the food they produce. All they use are ingredients that dogs eat.

Also, there are various flavors for every type of dog food that this brand produces. However, there is an overall food by this brand that all dogs love. The Canidae dog foods are not complicated; even the pickiest pets will enjoy the food.

Besides, you can purchase dog food by this brand according to the veterinary’s recommendation. There are pet foods from varieties from those that encourage growth to those that boost immunity. Therefore, even sick dogs will not miss something from this brand.

The most important food that this brand has produced is those that encourage the development of the puppies’ digestive system. Also, the formulation that fits dogs that require proteins in their bodies is a game-changer for many pet owners. This brand has the best that pet owners could ask for to feed their dogs.

Key features

  • High protein content
  • All life stages of foods
  • Health solutions in every bite

Best Filler-Free


Pedigree is one of the companies that has stayed long enough to understand the needs of every dog. Since 1957, they have specialized in producing high-quality dog food that has made them grow from a family-based company to an industry leader.

In recent years, pedigree has proved itself as an industry leader. It has been able to produce for the industry for many years, and their quality of food has drawn the attention of several other brands. Now many brands are copying what is happening at pedigree as efforts to win pet lover’s hearts.

The best thing about this company is that it produces a variety of dog foods. Unlike other companies that specialize in wet and dry dog food, pedigree also has canine treats for every dog. Along with the dry and wet varieties, their food collection is an excellent thing for pet owners.

Another thing about dog food by pedigree is the quality that it guarantees. The brand makes its food from high-quality ingredients sourced naturally. That ensures the diet by this brand is of the best quality, and owners can depend on it for their dog’s health and wellness.

It does not include any human-made ingredients in its formulation. Most of the foods are rich in high-quality protein and moderate fats. That is to ensure that dogs have the best nutrition at every stage. Also, the balance in ingredients means the nutritional value also remains balanced.

For dog owners, the only downside here can be that the food may contain some soy, corn, or wheat. Therefore, it Is only perfect for people that do not mind feeding their dogs with the ingredients. However, other aspects of the foods that this brand produces are on point, and that is why many pet owners are opting to buy from them.

Key features

  • No fillers in the food
  • High-quality proteins
  • Animal sourced ingredients to increase nutritional value

Best Digestible


According to Merrick, dogs deserve a high-quality type of food. That is the philosophy they have used in the past 30 years to ensure that dogs have a healthy lifestyle. As they mention on their website, their main objective is to produce the best that dogs can ever eat.

The popularity they have gained over the years is a sign of satisfied customers and happy pets. However, they have put a lot of effort into making pet food quality a reality. They produce certified foods that are safe for animal use. They go a step ahead to ensure that they team up with suppliers and distributors who maintain the highest safety standards.

The main ingredient for the dog food produced by this brand contains animal proteins. Naturally sourced proteins have shown a significant effect in making dogs healthier. Therefore, the company has put sufficient efforts to makings sure that there is a safe food for pets of all ages and sizes.

Also, there are additional ingredients that they add to the main components to fit the needs they desire. These ingredients are carefully sourced and selected to ensure that the dogs have a great meal. With Merrick products, even picky dogs can eat without problems.

It is common knowledge that ancient dog recipes were perfect for every dog. They encouraged growth and development in puppies and also, healthy living in adult and senior dogs. Therefore, producing dog ancestor’s food is something that every pet owner appreciates.

This brand has become trusted in the industry because it produces the best quality at affordable prices. Therefore, pet owners get to feed their dogs with the best food quality without breaking their banks. Also, that has made this brand to have the edge over most of its competitors who provide far much less value at higher prices.

Key features

  • Easy to digest protein ingredients
  • No human-made ingredients
  • Affordable prices

Best Unique Variations


It is the best in all ages foods that dog lovers always look for in the market. This brand has a lot to offer that gives dogs a healthier lifestyle and a happy experience when eating. This brand’s foods are tasty and have the ingredients that pet lovers would like their dogs to take.

There are various variations of foods that this brand produces. The best way that they use to differentiate the meals is the different life stages that they provide for the dogs. Some foods get created for puppies, adult dogs, and even older ones that require extra care.

The best thing is that the ingredients contain nutrients that help dogs at a particular stage. For instance, puppy foods usually support physical growth and brain development. That ensures the puppies proliferate and developmentally to become better.

Also, the food variations for adult and older dogs are unique to ensure that they have a high nutritional value that encourages healthy living. Also, senior dogs find these foods useful in making sure that they live long and remain strong enough. These variations help dog owners to choose the best for their dogs.

Other than that, some variations differ in breed size. Small, medium and large dogs can still find their type of food from this brand. The brand ensures that the food that is there can support weight development for small-sized dogs while helping giant dogs avoid becoming obese.

Also, the foods can range from dry food, treats, or even wet foods. All these variations have different health benefits that your dogs will find suitable for their health. Pet owners can choose the type of proteins they want and whether they wish grain inclusive or free variations.

Key features

  • Uses various proteins
  • Naturally sourced ingredients
  • Ingredients include vegetables and fruits.

Best for Specialty Dogs

Wellness Core

The wellness core s a brand that specializes in making sure there is a dog food that meets every pet owner’s needs. The best thing about their products is that they contain a high protein level. That means the meals are of great nutritional value and contribute to health in dogs.

However, there is a downside as far as protein content in these foods is concerned. There are newer protein sources that brands are using nowadays, but the wellness core has not included in their formulation. They use beef and chicken as the primary sources of protein, but these two can get defined as traditional sources.

Nowadays, pet food manufacturing companies are sourcing proteins from sources such as fish, turkey, buffalo, wild boar, and many more. The best thing about such sources is that they give original proteins that contribute to dogs’ proper growth.

This brand has continued to grow in the market because it insists on only using such natural ingredients. Several brands use fillers and human-made ingredients in making dog food. Such foods are not suitable for dogs, or they may not add the nutritional value that dog owners are looking for in the market.

As such, this brand has continually won the hearts of pet lovers because the foods serve their specific purposes. The nutritional value in the foods ensures that they work as promised. Within a few days, there are visible changes in the dogs that this brand feeds on food.

Also, there are various specialty diets provided by this brand. For instance, they have foods for sick dogs that have already lost their appetite. Also, pregnant and nursing dogs will find the right foods that encourage the growth and development of their young ones. If there are senior dogs, they will find foods that will promote better health in their bodies alongside boosting their immunity.

Key features

  • Specialty food diets
  • All sizes and breeds foods
  • High protein levels

Best Natural Carbs

American Journey

It is the best grain-free dog food producing brand in the market. With this brand, pet owners have an assurance of an above-average dry dog food formulation that will benefit their dogs. This brand has developed and is now one of the leading dog food producers in the industry.

The best thing about the dog food that this company produces is that it has the right balance in nutrient value. For example, the naturally sourced proteins are just in the right quantity to pro0vide dogs with the best value. Also, it contains enough fats and carbohydrates.

The best thing about these ingredients is that all of them get sourced naturally. There are no human-made ingredients that will have negative impacts on dogs. They obtain proteins from real animals that dogs can only hunt for themselves in the wild.

Also, the dog food by this brand contains a unique ingredient from other dog food brands. To have sweet potatoes as an ingredient is a great idea. That is because it is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Also, it is gluten-free, meaning that dogs will get the best value from this ingredient.

Another thing that has made this brand grow is that they put a lot into the safety of the foods they manufacture. Safety procedures are essential in dog food production. Having the correct procedures in place means that dogs can consume the foods by this brand without any complications.

Based on the information above, this brand is a great producer of dog food. Also, the food they produce can be considered above-average products that every dog owner wants to buy. Dogs deserve to eat healthy foods and finding a brand that believes that is a relief for pet owners.

Key features

  • High-quality protein
  • Natural carbohydrates
  • High safety levels for dog foods

Best for Small-Sized Dogs


It is another global leader in dog food manufacture. Cesar specializes in producing good dog food, especially for small dogs. The nutritional content that they put into manufacturing their food makes it one of the best brands that every dog owner wants to associate with when buying dog food.

The foods produced by this brand are mainly for small-sized dogs. That does not mean that bigger dogs cannot eat these foods, but the manufacturer put small dogs in mind while collecting the ingredients and designing the formulation. The gourmet wet dog food is perfect for such dogs.

The recipes they use to make this food ensure that it is tasty and gas a great texture that all dogs will find great. Therefore, it is perfect even for picky dogs that fail to eat foods from other brands. The Cesar manufactured foods are irresistible and also offer a great value that pet lovers desire.

Another thing about the foods by this brand is that it is safe for dog consumption. The best thing about buying from them is that clients have confidence in their products. Getting certified by relevant bodies shows that the foods they produce are rich in nutrients and serve the purpose customers need.

Also, their pet foods are free from any fillers. There are no artificially sourced ingredients that have no value for the dogs. All components are significant for different purposes. Also, they are free from any artificial colors and preservatives that may affect the dog health-wise.

Also, they have foods for various typed of dogs. The variations include dogs of different sizes and breeds. The ability to differentiate the foods makes sure that pet owners can go for meals for the exact need of their dogs. Also, there are specialty diets for dogs that require particular nutrients.

Key features

  • Filler free dog food
  • Specialty diets
  • Suitable for small-sized dogs

Best Vet-Approved

The Farmer’s Dog

This company has been around the dog food industry for years. Several things make it a competitive brand that consumers prefer to many other brands. However, the greatest has to be their love for dogs. According to Farmer’s choice, dogs like humans deserve to eat healthy foods.

That is why they go out of their way to manufacture human-grade foods that keep dogs healthy. Also, this brand makes food that is good for smaller dogs. Therefore, pet owners with smaller dogs have had something to smile about for years.

To ensure that this food is human grade as they promise, the Farmer’s dog has provided that the ingredients are of the best quality. Other than using animal protein as the main ingredient, they also have ingredients such as vegetables and fruits that boots body immunity in dogs.

Also, the veggie and fruits they use in manufacturing dog food are locally sourced. The proteins are animal-sourced to ensure that it is of the highest quality that the industry can offer. Their ability to produce natural food has made them a famous brand in the industry, as that is what pet parent needs.

Also, they take the highest safety standards in cooking this food. As mentioned earlier, their focus is to make human-grade dog food for the market. Therefore, they have to ensure the facilities that they work in have the highest safety standards. Their kitchens have the highest safety standards meaning dogs can remain healthy when they take this food.

Another important thing is that this company has gotten approved to manufacture dog food for the industry. For pet parents, buying from recommended brands gives them confidence in what they feed their family’s valuable members. Also, it means that the food they are feeding them is of the best quality.

Key features

  • Freshly made foods
  • Veterinary approved products
  • Safe kitchens

Best Raw

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Raw food is one of the most approved for animals, and dogs are not an exception. It contains many nutrients that go a long way in boosting the dog’s immunity and improving their health. Therefore, it is one of the best inventions in the dog food manufacturing industry. It brings new changes to the food that pets eat, making them healthier and happier than before.

There are several ways that pet owners add raw food to their pet’s diet. Most of them choose to do it at home by collecting the required ingredients and adding to whatever the dogs are eating. However, the best way to do it has to be by using the Instinct raw boost mixers that are readily available in the market.

The best thing about this brand is that it takes the dog’s matters at hand. That begins from how they source their ingredients to the way they ensure they reach dogs at home. It has given the company a big boost as it has developed into a household name because of their unique product.

As a raw food manufacturer, Instinct has ensured that the foods they produce have primary ingredients. They do that by sourcing ingredients such as animal proteins from the animals themselves. Also, they sum it up by reducing the manufacturing processes to ensure that the food reaches pet owners in an almost natural state.

Also, when they say that their raw food is natural, they mean it. The pet food by this brand has no artificial ingredients added in the original formulation. Also, since it does not go into many processes, there are no additives meant to preserve the dog food.

That way, the company has maintained its dignity by ensuring that they only produce for the raw market. The pet owners that need some fresh food for their dogs have something to smile about at the ends. Instinct is a great brand that has kept its promise for natural foods.

Key features

  • Uncooked food
  • Natural ingredients
  • Approved products

Best Single Ingredients

Zignature Lamb

This brand has ensured that its product contains the high protein levels that dogs require. The formulations that they make ensure that the products are of the most excellent quality that pet lovers appreciate. However, their pricing remains low, meaning that pets can get the best food at an affordable price.

One of the best highlights about this dog food is how it ensures its diet has the best ingredients that will fit every dog’s needs. The ingredients are adequately selected with quality in mind to ensure that they include unique choices that ill improve the health of dogs.

Also, the selection of ingredients ensures that they are fit for every size and breed of dogs. Therefore, even the pickiest dogs will not miss a type of dog food that they like as this brand has every dog in mind while manufacturing. The texture of their food is excellent for small dogs and older ones.

Also, another thing that makes this a famous brand is that it does not mix its ingredients. The Zignature lamb ensures that they use one component for a food type to ensure that the dog food does not have any side effects. It is an excellent choice for dogs that require particular nutrients to boost their immunity and for body development.

Also, they have the best formulation that does not include any ingredients that could be considered fillers. Every element that they use for their dog food has a high nutritional value that cannot get found on many other brands. Ingredients such as corn and wheat are not the best for dogs, and this brand does not have them in their formulation.

Also, the best thing about these products is that they give dogs that wild food feeling. Since the ingredients get naturally sourced, they ensure that dogs get real components such as animal proteins. Dogs can only find such elements if they go into wild hunting.

The safety standards that they apply in the manufacture of their food are on another level. Therefore, pet owners can feel confident to purchase their dog food. It also has shown tremendous results in the past, making it a perfect choice for customers.

Key features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Safety standards
  • Single-ingredient for every variation

Best for Chicken Protein


Freshpet is another prominent manufacturer of pet food. Their focus is to ensure that dogs have the freshest foods to boost their immunity and build their bodies. The best thing about how they do that is their ingredient formulation.

They locally source their ingredients from natural sources to ensure that they meet the standards that pet owners desire. They also include new vitamins that they source from carrots to boost the naturality of this dog food. It is the best food that ensures that the natural benefits of dog food get felt.

Also, they ensure that their food does not contain any preservatives. That also includes any ingredients that may get considered as fillers with no added value to the pets. That ensures the pet lovers have a great choice when they need to ensure that they get maximum value for the money they spend on dog food.

Chicken is the main ingredient that the brand uses in manufacturing dog food. There are no by-products that they use in the manufacture other than this natural animal protein ingredient. The all-natural meat recipe is an excellent choice for pet lovers, and the benefits of buying from this brand are clear.

The dog food from this brand has the best safety standards taken into consideration. It is safe for dogs and provides the same benefits as there is in human food. The all-natural ingredients ensure that dog owners can see a complete change in their pets within a few days of feeding them with this formulation.

They ensure that every dog eats. There are various foods for different dog types. The best way that they vary the foods is by age and breed of the dog. They have different ingredients for dog food, and that ensures the meals are of the best standards.

Key features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe dog foods
  • Variations for every dog

Best Dry Food

Organix Chicken & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

It is a brand that focuses on using organic ingredients in its formulation. The foods that they manufacture contain chicken as the main ingredient. That ensures that dogs get natural ingredients from natural sources. It is a great way to boost the immunity of dogs.

Also, the dog food manufactured by this brand meets specific requirements. The safety of the food is unmatched, and pet owners can have confidence in buying it. Also, it is government approved meaning that the risks of having any side effects on dogs remain mitigated.

When looking at the ingredients, you realize that all are organic ones. That means the product is an above-average one. The ability to use natural ingredients for their dog food has boosted the brand’s efforts ion becoming a leading manufacturer.

Also, they ensure a balance in the ingredients they use in manufacturing their dog food. Since proteins are the main ingredient, they provide that it is available in sufficient quantities. Also, they ensure that there are enough other ingredients, such as carbohydrates and vitamins. That boosts the immunity of dogs and also helps the development of puppies.

The ingredients in the dog foods can also differ depending on the specific requirements. Food for puppies contains elements that encourage brain development. Older dogs require food that will keep them healthy and going. The dogfood by Organix provides everything that dog owners like for their dogs.

It is also worth noting that this brand’s dog food meets the best safety standards set out. Therefore, dog owners can have confidence in the products and also can feed their dogs without having second thoughts. Their kitchen also upholds the highest safety standards and also, the line of distribution gets properly screened to support food safety regulations.

Key features

  • Safe foods for dogs
  • High protein content
  • Best for all types of dogs

Best for Topping

Spot Farms Turkey & Whole Grain Recipe

It is a family-owned brand that has risen to compete with commercial brands and, above all, has done it successfully. The Spot farms brand is a renowned manufacturer of dog food in the United States. Over the years of its existence, the brand has ensured that pet owners have an excellent formulation that takes care of their pets.

The dog food by this brand has several benefits that keep pet owners returning to buy from the. The first thing to note about the diet by this brand is that they are natural. That is because the manufacturer sources the ingredients from real animals.

For non-proteins, the manufacturer also goes the natural way, ensuring that the nutritional value required in this food gets met. Therefore, dog owners can celebrate when it comes to finding their dogs the perfect meals.

The main ingredients for this dog food are animal proteins. The brand mainly uses turkey as the protein source, making sure that it has the highest protein content that encourages growth and development. The best thing about the turkey used in these foods is that it is US grown and antibiotic-free to protect the health of dogs.

Also, they ensure that the food they produce for dogs is human grade. That means they take all the safety standards in making sure that the food meets all the criteria that human food does. That not only contributes to good health but also means the pet owners can have confidence in what they feed their dogs.

Another thing about this dog food is that it can get used in two ways. First, dog owners can choose to use it as a whole meal, which is manageable by mixing the dry food with water and feeding them. Also, they can choose to use it as a topper, which is an even much simpler process.

Key features

  • Can be used as dry food or a topper
  • Uses natural turkey
  • It ensures high safety standards.

Best Dog Food for Specific Conditions

We’ve made a few pages that go deep into conditions that dogs can have.  As we publish them, they will be listed below.


Suitable food for dogs is essential for individuals who fancy this pet. With a vast assortment of dog food brands in the market, it is crucial to be enlightened on the nutritional value and cost of various options. There are several things to consider when selecting a dog food brand. The ingredients used in the manufacture are perhaps the most important.

Also, the safety standards taken into manufacturing dog food are essential to consider. As pet owners, they should also choose specific dog foods for specialty dogs. That will boost the dog’s immunity and also help in giving strength to senior dogs.

Choosing the best brand, therefore, depends on unique requirements by every dog owner. This list of major dog food brands is a helpful guide as you shop. Dog owners must explore every advantage before deciding.

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