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Busch Offering Three Month Supply of Beer to Dog Adopters

Let’s be honest, the average Dad likes to consume a beer or three every once in a while. Let’s also be truthful, Dad’s love to consume a beer in the company of their dog. Perhaps the best news for dog lovers and Dad’s out there is that Busch Beer is offering a three month supply of ice cold beer to anyone out there who either adopts or fosters a dog during this world pandemic from Midwest Animal Rescue in Minnesota.

Busch Beer Supports Dog Adoption by Offering Free Beer

The first 500 people to take action here will be the lucky recipients of the free three month supply of suds.

With the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus causing many animal shelters to close their doors in tandem with many adoption events being cancelled, many abandoned animals are still entering shelters and are in need of new homes. The offer is officially being called “Foster a Dog, Get Busch.”

Social distancing can certainly be more enjoyable with a furry friend, and now is the time to really support animal shelters as there are many dogs in need of new homes where they will be properly cared for and loved.

To enter, you must adopt or foster a dog through Midwest Animal Rescue and forward your confirmation email to Busch via the social media channels of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When you are verified, you will receive a $100 gift card from the company.

Not to sound like a savage, or to ruin this awesome story, but does anyone else think that $100 is more like two months worth of beer? 🙂

Either way, this is a win – win situation for dogs, society, and humanity.

Tim Schmidt


Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.

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