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Central Park Karen Amy Cooper Gets Dog Back

I don’t like to gossip much on topics that aren’t directly related to how I can help you be a better dog parent, but this one is all over the media and I thought it was worth while to express my thoughts on this topic.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of the “White Woman in Central Park,” who has since been dubbed “Central Park Karen,” and if you haven’t, I’ve embedded it below so you can catch up on something that went very viral.

Here’s the video:

Woman Fired After Central Park Confrontation

In summary, this woman is racist.  It’s right there in the open and easy to see.  She only called the police because this man was a black man.   A man named Christian Cooper who was there bird watching and minding his own business.  (Obviously they share a last name but are clearly not related.)

The man simply asked her to leash her dog, and she snapped.  

Being from the Minneapolis area, I have seen racism first hand. My high school was the first ever to have an official racial diversity coordinator, and we had a mix of students and faculty that most people wouldn’t have believed until the ridiculously unfortunate incident that resulted in George Floyd’s death.  Racism sucks, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Well, as far as how this relates to dogs and humanity, the part of the video that angered a lot of people was the way that Amy Cooper, the woman in the video who has since been let go from her job at Franklin Templeton, handled her dog.

amy cooper central park

As you’ll see in both the video and the image above, Cooper violently handles her dog by the collar, and shows about anything but compassion for her furry friend.  At one point she has him hanging in the air as she holds the collar.  (Maybe she should have taken Doggy Dan’s training.)

To me, her actions are unacceptable.  Sure, she was in a distraught state of mind (for what reason, though?) but there is no reason to take out the anger on an innocent dog.  She should have had him on a leash to begin with and this whole episode that eventually led to her being fired wouldn’t have happened.

Well, today the dog was determined to be in good health by the Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue Inc., and it was released back to Cooper’s custody.

Amy Cooper has issued several apologies to Christian Cooper, but still faces potential charges in this incident.

Here’s to hoping the woman who will forever be known as “Central Park Karen” starts treating people of color, and her dog, appropriately.

Thoughts, comments, and rants are all welcome!


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