What are the Cutest Dog Breeds?

Is there such a thing as an ugly dog?  Certainly there is no such thing as an ugly puppy!  In today’s round-up, we answer the age old question what are the cutest dog breeds?

For starters, I’m going to be judging breeds by going off of what they look like as puppies.  Again, there is no such thing as an ugly puppy, but just so there is some consistency in what is clearly a matter of opinion, we’re going to be going by cute puppy pics.

List of the Cutest Dog Breeds

In no particular order, here is what we feel have amazing looking dogs.  

Golden Retriever

As a highly popular dog breed, it’s hard to argue with the beauty of a Golden Retriever.  With pretty faces, nice, long coats of shiny hair, it’s almost a secondary thought that these breeds are very obedient and easy to train.  These people loving dogs love to play games and are simply adorable when they are puppies.

golden retriever puppy

Yorkshire Terrier AKA “Yorkie”

Another very popular choice, and probably the dog of choice if you choose to tote it in a purse or if you dare – a Louis Vuitton bag, the Yorkie is a gentle angel that make great companions.  Originating from the Yorkshire area of England, the Yorkshire Terrier is a very popular breed, not only in the USA, but across the world.  A small breed dog, they are very sweet, brave, and love to cuddle.

yorkie puppy


Another small dog with a big coat of fur, the pomeranian ranks up there with the cutest dog breeds.  You’ll hear the bark of a pomeranian because they are extroverts who love attention, but they are are also very intelligent dogs who will watch your home like a hawk.

pomeranian puppy

Siberian Husky

It’s very rare to see a blue-eyed dog like the Siberian Husky, and those baby blues make them look like one of the most attractive puppies you’ll ever see.  Athletic, smart, and full of adventure, these dogs grow up to be a thing of beauty.

siberian husky puppy

Maltese Terrier

Like the Yorkie, the Maltese is a very pretty dog that will look like a prince or princess in your purse.  While the Yorkie tends to have darker coats of hair, the Maltese brings a soft white coat that almost glows after being groomed.  Fearless, yet friendly, the Maltese Terrier also makes a great companion dog.

maltese terrier puppy

French Bulldog

With large ears and a well built frame, the French Bulldog is deceivingly still a small breed dog.  A popular “City Dog,” the French Bulldog’s muscular body is very playful.  You can do just about anything with a “Frenchie,” and like most of the cute dogs on this list, the French Bulldog is a very popular puppy.

french bulldog puppy

That’s our short list of the cutest dogs money can buy.  We’re curious to see what other people think are the best looking dog breeds!  Please comment below!

Tim Schmidt


Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.

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