Ezydog Harness

EzyDog Harness Review

Here at BestDogDads.com, we care deeply about our pets. We want to make sure they’re safe from harm and that’s why we love leashes and everything else that protects our pups. Every dog owner understands how crucial it is to be in total control of their pet, especially while outside. Being in authority is not only a safety measure for your pup but others as well. Even the most disciplined animal can have unpredictable and impulsive moments. Anything and anyone at any time can set it off. Since the significance of adequately governing one’s pet is not up for debate, what is disputable, however, is finding the right restraint for your dog.

Ezydog Harness

Why Use An EZdog Harness For Your Dog?

Finding the right tool, such as a collar or a harness to keep your pup safe while maintaining power, is not easy. There are so many on display that promises to help manage your pet and then some. Some prefer a harness rather than a collar because harnesses disperse pressure over the more substantial part of the dog’s body instead of the neck area. This is especially helpful for specific breeds that suffer from neck injuries or have respiratory issues. When searching for the right harness or any other product for your pet, the following criteria should be met:

  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

Upon inspection, we will see if EzyDog Harnesses meet these standards and if it is the right fit for dogs and their owners.

About EZ Dog Harness Company & Products

EzyDog makes a line of active dog gear specifically for the outdoor pup and owner. They have leashes, collars, backpacks, life jackets, training accessories, dog clothing, dog travel accessories, and of course, harnesses. If you go on their site, you find that their harness collection has about seven different varieties and functions. Here is a brief description of each one and the price:

Crosscheck Harness ($30.00) – Ideal for training. Reduces canine’s pulling by utilizing a girth checking system. It also serves as a solution for dogs that can escape their collars.

Quick Fit Dog Harness ($34.00) – Ideal for the athletic pup. It is designed to be lightweight and extremely easy to fit. It has reflective stitching for nighttime visibility. It is also water-resistant.

Chest Plate Dog Harness ($34.00) – This is an ergonomic harness designed to offer comfort, practicality, and control. It is made to distribute the load across the chest rather than the throat. It has reflective webbing and comes with a free car restraint.

Convert Harness ($60.00) – It is the most versatile harness in their collection. It’s an excellent fit for any lifestyle you and your creature may have. For instance, if you have a service dog, you can let everyone know by adding side badges with your pet’s name or message. You can convert the apparatus into a canine backpack with the right accessories and is made with reflective piping.

Drive Dog Car Harness ($115.00) – This harness is designed for safe travel in mind. It keeps your dog secure in the car so that you can concentrate on the road. This product meets the requirements of the following standards: USA (FMVSS 213), Europe (ECE Regulation 16), and Australia (ADR 42/04). These are the most recognized government safety standards.

Denim – Quick Fit Harness ($40.00) – This harness is made to suit all pooches of all sizes comfortably and with full control.

Denim – Chest Plate Harness ($40.00) – Last but not least, this harness is ergonomically designed to make your pup as comfortable as possible. It also distributes the load across the chest rather than the throat, which makes it easier to restrain your pet.

All EzyDog harnesses have D-rings that are stainless-steel and rust resilient for secure attachment of a leash. The company takes pride in its simplicity, especially when it comes to fitting the apparatus on your pup. With moderate adjusting, most of their harnesses fasten together in a snap with a one-click clasp. The EzyDog site walks you through how to put on each one, taking the mystery out of it.

Size and Fit

When you select the desired product from their website, there is a sizing chart under the tab “Size & Fitting Instructions.” You will use this as a guide to order the right size for your dog. Your pup’s comfort and safety depend on you ordering the correct size. If it’s too big, your dog could slip right out, which would render it useless; however, if the straps are put on too tight, then you risk chafing and causing damage to your pet’s fur. The apparatus should be snug, but you should be able to easily fit two fingers between the strap of the device and your pooch.

Neck and Girth

It is necessary to get the correct measurements of your pet’s neck and girth to securely fit the mechanism. The girth is the area behind the front legs and around the body of the canine. You measure it by placing the measuring tape around its torso. Depending on the product, the size options vary. The following is the size chart for the Quick Fit Dog Harness:

Size      Weight (lbs)    Neck (inches)  Girth (inches)

XXS      4 – 7                 9 – 15               12 – 15

XS        7 – 12               11 – 18             15 – 18

SM       12 – 23             14 – 22             18 – 21.5

MD      23 – 42             16 – 27             21.5 – 26.5

LG        42 – 77             18 – 31             26.5 – 33

XL        77+                  21 – 36             33 – 42

Where To Buy

You can buy any preferred harness on the company’s website at Store.Ezydog.com. Other shopping sites that sell them are Amazon, eBay, and Petco. (Links to be provided in the future)

Conclusion – Is It Worth It? Very Well Might Be!

It seems that for most users, the EzyDog harnesses meet all the criteria stated at the onset of this blog.  Some, however, struggled with the product concerning fit. Owners of some particular dog breeds say that the harness is not right for their pets. The good news is, along with free shipping, EzyDog offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on products ordered from their site and is in good condition. This allows canine owners to try the harnesses for themselves and see if EzyDog products will be a staple in their lives.

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