Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Is the thought of leaving your pup home alone while at work causing you anxiety? It is understandable; canines are social creatures that don’t take too kindly to being left alone for long periods. It can be challenging to concentrate on business matters when you’re worried that your pet is tearing the place apart or is hurt.

Furbo Cameras

Even if you work from home, if you have a highly active dog or a new pup in the other part of the house, you may not have the luxury of having your work frequently interrupted by regularly checking in on your pet. What if there was a simple solution to these dilemmas? The answer is the Furbo Dog Camera!

Furbo Dog Camera Review

All About The Furbo Dog Camera Product

The Furbo Dog Camera is a device that allows you to keep tabs on your dog from work, from an appointment or running errands. You can check in from anywhere and at any time! Just like I keep tabs on my son, I do the same with my dogs.

With the Furbo Dog Camera, you can live stream your pet from your smartphone or tablet, communicate with them, and even give them treats (Hungry Bark’s are what I recommended)! The device is under nine inches in height (about the size of a bud vase). It has a sophisticated design made from very durable white plastic and a bamboo cover that contains and also keep kibble dog treats from spilling over.

The product has a 160° HD camera installed along with night vision capability. Also connected is a microphone and speaker, a barking sensor, a mechanism that flings treats to your animal (treat tosser), and a status indicator LED light (located at the bottom) that changes different colors to indicate what is going on with the device.

For example, the green light indicates that it is in set up mode, the purple light means that it is not receiving a Wi-Fi connection, the yellow light means that it is in standby mode, and the blue light indicates that it is live streaming.

How To Set It Up

Set up is pretty straight forward. When your Furbo Dog Camera arrives (in a well-protected box), it will come with a micro USB cable and a USB charger and also a quick start guide. You would connect the micro USB cable to the input located in the lower back of the camera and then connect the end cable to the charger and plug it in the wall.

After the indicator light turns green, you will then install the Furbo app on your mobile device. If you have an android, then you would install the app via Google Play, and if you have an iOS device, then you would install the app via the App Store. The requirements for purchasing and using the camera are the following:

  • Must have access to a broadband internet connection.
  • Must have access to Wi-Fi.
  • Must have an accessible power outlet.
  • For IOS devices, must have IOS 10 or newer.
  • For Android devices, must have Android 6.0 or newer.

After you download the app, you will create an account and connect it to your wireless. You will then follow other instructions regarding loading the kibble into the device. Furbo recommends that the dog treats be dry, circular, and the size of 0.4 inches in diameter for them to fit correctly. Some of the snacks that some Furbo camera owners recommend and that is available on Amazon are:

  • Primal Grain Free Jerky Nibs Treat
  • NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats
  • Crazy Dog MINI Train-Me

Is it User Friendly?

Now that you have the app set up, you filled the device with doggy snacks, and you found a suitable place to put it, using it couldn’t be more straightforward. The tricky part, however, is getting your pet to adjust to the gadget.

Fortunately, the app offers training on how to teach your pup to interact with it and to accept morsels whenever the treat tosser is activated. The machine makes a clicker sound to indicate a snack call, but you can use your recorded voice instead.

Regarding the video, you have the option of setting the resolution to 360p, 720p or 1080p if you want ultra-clarity. As mentioned before, the Furbo has a 160° wide-angle lens along with digital zoom capacity; however, it is not a rotating camera. If your place is spacious or has more than one dog, you may have trouble viewing all of your pets.

Price and Where to Purchase One

You can purchase the Furbo Dog Camera on its website at the current price of $199.00. It ships free within two days in the US. You can also buy it on other shopping sites such as Amazon and E-bay.

Furbo Nanny

What’s The Premium Dog Nanny Package?

The Furbo Dog Nanny is an upgraded premium package that takes looking after your dog to another level. It allows you to do the following:

  • Download and save video footage.
  • Take selfies of your pup.
  • Be notified every time your pet barks.
  • Be informed of any person coming and leaving.
  • Be warned of any possible home emergencies.
  • You will be notified of any continuous barking, crying, or howling.

When you purchase a Furbo camera, it comes with a free trial of the Furbo Dog Nanny for 90-days. Upon expiration, you can extend the service for 99 cents for three months, and after that, it is $6.99 a month or $69.00 a year.

The pros of using the Furbo Dog Camera are:

  • Setup is simple.
  • It works with Alexa.
  • You have a 1-year warranty.
  • Free returns within 30-days.
  • Activating the treat tosser is fun.
  • It gives you peace of mind.

The cons of using the Furbo Dog Camera are:

  • The camera must be plugged into the wall; it does not use any batteries, limiting where you can put it.
  • It only works through the app. Users have complained about having to uninstall then reinstall the app multiple times.
  • The camera’s range may be restrictive depending on the size of your home.
  • The camera does not pan around or rotate.
  • It is expensive.


Look, the bottom line here is that if you love your children and pets as I do, then you’re going to want to keep an eye on them. This allows you to do just that. Keeping track of Snoop and Cookie is something that I’ll never stop doing. Technology that the Furbo Dog Camera offers is something that I just can’t live without today. My advice would be to give this a try! Looking for other product options? No problem, check this out here.

Tim Schmidt


Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.

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