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Hungry Bark Premium Dog Food Review

Here at Best Dog Dads, we really enjoy introducing people to lesser known brands that probably don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but the way this brand is evolving, it won’t be long before everyone is posting their Hungry Bark reviews on various dog blogs across the web, because what they offer is something the industry lacked for quite some time.

HungryBark Dog Food Flavors

What is HungryBark?

Going by the tag line “Super Food for Super Dogs,” the business model of this budding brand of dog foods and supplements is up close and personal. It stresses the importance of feeding our fur babies with top quality kibble that features all of the buzz words you’d look for in foods we consume as humans.

The first time I visited their website, I was naturally intrigued to see a “Pup Quiz” that I could fill out for each of my dogs and get introduced to a custom formula that would address the issues I identified I wanted to address through proper nutrition.

I filled out the quiz and was given a recommendation that was made up of chicken, turkey, and brown rice.

premium dog food

This formula is also made with turmeric, pumpkin, ginger, kelp, fish oil, spinach, vitamins, and perhaps most importantly, probiotics.

Hungry Bark Features

My largest takeaways from this brand was that their formulas are loaded with the things you want to see in each bag of food.  Real meat, or fish, will be the first ingredient listed on each recipe, and the entire list of ingredients is transparent to consumers.

They also tend to blend only the highest quality foods in their mixes, and they claim it will beat out the nutritional value of any mass produced kibble you’ll source at your local grocer.  Just have a look at all the nutritional value in this sample bag:

  • Healthy Gut
  • Digestion
  • Shiny, Healthy Coat
  • Supports strong bones, the immune system, metabolism, heart, and even eyes.

Hungry Bark doesn’t need to be stored in a fridge and it won’t get your hands messy because they provide you with a food scoop with your order, which is a great touch.

Their subscription model is something I signed up for, as getting food each month is a staple in this household, so saving big on the monthly shipment was incredible (not to mention I don’t have to carry that huge bag around – it literally gets right to my doorstep. )

hungry bark
Here’s a photo of the back of the bag.

Which Recipe is Best?

The great part about the “pup quiz” is that you will get a custom formula that’s recommended for you based on your dog’s needs.  There is no guesswork, and you can address any issue you feel is important (coat, longevity, joints) while taking this quiz and it’ll be considered and used in making your personalized recommendation.

The food has been here for two months and Snoop and Cookie are devouring it. It’s literally the most excited I’ve seen them about eating food in their entire lives.  Do yourself a favor, and remember to think about your dog’s diet along the same lines of how you’d think of your own.  They deserve healthy food that they will truly enjoy.

Visit Hungry Bark – Take The Quiz – Buy Healthier Food For Your Dog – Click Here

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Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.

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