Six Ways To Make Your Dog Stop Barking

Will your dog just not stop barking? Does it keep you up every night? Does your dog bark when your friends are over and you can’t relax because of it? A dog that hasn’t been trained to stop barking can become quite a nuisance. However, there are ways and tricks to ensure that your furry little friend barks less.

Keep in mind that these tricks are not foolproof and are not miracle cures. You shouldn’t expect them to work overnight. You will need to practice this behavior with your dog consistently and thoroughly. Once you establish a routine, you will start to see positive changes over time.

Before you dive into the training portion, ensure that you keep a few key points in mind. Remember to:

  • Never yell at your dog if you want them to quieten down. They will assume you’re barking with them and the behavior will continue unheeded
  • Always stay consistent and focused on what you’re trying to change. Everyone in the house that the dog interacts with must use the same techniques and conditioning. Otherwise, your dog will get away with some behavior and be confused about what to do

Make Your Dog Stop Barking ASAP!

#1: Figure Out Why Your Dog Barks…And Get Rid Of It

Your dog barks for some plausible reason. He might feel like he’s getting something out of the activity. Keep this in mind and investigate what it is that makes him bark. Remove all opportunities for him to indulge in this behavior.

For example, if he keeps barking at people walking around outside, keep the curtains closed when your dog is in the living room. Don’t leave him unsupervised in the yard because there’s a higher chance he will bark at passersby.

#2: Ignore Him

Your dog may also bark to get attention. You should ignore him when he does this. Eventually, he will calm down and stop. Don’t talk to him or touch him while he’s barking. Once he does stop, give him a treat for being a good boy. He will then associate rewards with being quiet.

Remember that you can keep lengthening the periods of time when he’s quiet. He will gradually stay quieter for longer, but only if you stay disciplined and give him treats and rewards accordingly.

If you yell at him when he barks, you will only be giving him more attention. This way, he will continue barking for a much longer time.

#3: Make Your Dog Ignore The Stimulus

Whatever your dog barks is will obviously be interesting for him. Start to desensitize your furry friend from this stimulus. Here’s how you do this. Keep the stimulus at some distance and feed your dog a lot of treats. Now, move him closer to the object and keep feeding the dog treats. If the object isn’t in your dog’s field of vision, stop giving him treats. This will teach him that he will get treats if he’s quiet even when he sees the stimulus.

#4: Teach Your Dog To Obey

This might seem pretty basic but it’s really a great place to start. When you start training your dog to keep quiet, you have to have him associate a command with that goal. When your dog starts to bark, tell him to be quiet. If he listens, give him a treat. Take this away as soon as he starts barking again.

Your dog will eventually learn that listening to the “no” or “quiet” command will get him some tasty rewards and he will start to obey.

#5: Teach Your Dog Another, Incompatible Behavior

This one sounds a little counter-productive but it helps in the long run. Whenever your dog starts barking, give him a command that asks him to do something else too. For example, teach your dog to lie down in his bed when he starts barking. Eventually, he will start to get confused and will obey the command he knows and remembers. Feed him and reward him with treats when he obeys your commands.

#6: Tire Him Out

Make sure you’re taking your dog out for sufficient exercise every single day. Remember to play with him and tire him out. A dog that’s been sufficiently exercised will not bark from boredom or frustration. If he’s a puppy, you will need to work harder to train him, whereas if he’s older, you won’t need to do as much. A tired dog is a happy dog and therefore, a quiet and peaceful dog!

Tim Schmidt


Tim is a Florida based Entrepreneur and Author. When he's not busy chasing around his 14 year old, he's caring for Snoop and Cookie. This blog is his outlet to help dumb down the often demanding journey of caring for dogs and help others.